About Trackingrobo Api

Before you started with using our API services, you will need to obtain your API Token under your user account.

How to generate your API Token?

  1. Login to your Trackingrobo account Or Register Yourself. It's FREE
  2. Visit Settings > Api.
  3. Your Api Token will be already generated just click on COPY.
  4. If you've to re-generate your Api Token then click on Re-generate.

Base URL

The base URL for access trackingrobo api is https://api.trackingrobo.com/


Every request must contain headers for validate request.


Content-Type: application/json

Get hands-on with practice request

1. Retrieve your profile

For your first request, let's retrieve your Trackingrobo profile information with GET me

curl --request GET \ --url me \ --header

Request Header :


Content-Type: application/json

Request Limit

If you're sending too many requests too quickly, we'll send back a 429 error code. You are limited to 60 reqs / min per account.

Error Response

{ "success": false, "error": { "code": 429, "message": "Too Many Attempts." } }

The Response headers gives you the following X-RateLimit value

X-RateLimit-Limit 60 The rate limit per min.
X-RateLimit-Remaining 45 The number of requests left for the 1 minute window.