If your request causes an error, the response will contain an error object. The error object includes information to help you resolve the problem.

The information included in the error object varies depending on the error, but all error objects include a code, which is a short, readable key to help you identify the error.

Here are the error codes:

CodeHTTP CodeTypeDescription
400 400 Bad Request The request was invalid or cannot be otherwise served.
3001 400 Bad Request Invalid tracking.
3002 400 Bad Request Invalid courier.
3003 400 Bad Request No response.
3004 400 Bad Request Checkpoints not available.
3005 400 Bad Request Request failed or Courier down.
3006 400 Bad Request Subscription ends.
3007 400 Bad Request Feature not available.
3008 400 Bad Request Limit exceeds.
401 401 Unauthorized Invalid API Token.
403 403 Forbidden Access is not allowed.
404 404 NotFound The URI requested is invalid or resources doesn't exist.
429 429 TooManyRequests You have exceeded the API call rate limit. 60 requests per minute.
500502503504 500502503504 InternalError Something went wrong.